A necessary part of growing your transformation business...

As a coach, therapist, consultant, healer, etc...

Is having an offer that gets you excited, and also is super desirable for the type of person you want to work with.

Most people have an idea for their offer and they're good at what they do.

But often their messaging falls flat...

Usually it's too vauge and doesn't do justice to the magic they offer.

And if this is you, you know it's important to upgrade your communication...

So you feel confident in what you share and have the right people raise their hand to work with you.

So I want to share some things that'll help.

One of my gifts is seeing people's essense and helping them translate that into clear systems and solutions.

And in the process, it fires me up see people own more of who they are and courageously create what they want.

So let's get into it.

What's the disconnect between the magic you have and your communication?

There's often multiple things at play.

But a lot of what it boils down to is your full essense doesn't shine through.

Either because of unconscious repression

A belief that who you are is unworthy

Disconnect from yourself

Or some combination of those 3.

So I'm gonna share some ways to:

1, remember who the fuck you are

and 2, communicate more of that essence.

When it comes to building your awareness 2 super foundational things are:

1. meditation and 2. shadow work.

I'm not going to go deep on either here.

But the main thing I want to share is make knowing yourself a practice you commit to.

I often talk to people who are frustrated because they're doing the inner work and still feel resistance.

And this is super valid, but the reality is that it's a practice, so come back to it. And also know that there's a greater intelligence at play.

Often the illusions you've been living by need to fall apart, so you can live in a way that honors more of your power and truth.

And this takes time and doesn't always feel good.

If you say you want to love yourself, trust yourself, use your voice, etc...

You'll be shown all the ways that you currently hold resistance to that, which can feel challenging and almost like you're going backwards.

But the obstacles are the path.

And your awareness is key to remebering that you aren't the stories or identites you've taken on.


So now that we've touched on awareness let's move to communicating your fullness.

Here are 5 key ways to make your message land better with the right people:

1. Get clear on your unique genius.

What's your secret sauce that makes you different and able to create innovative solutions?

Hint: It's often highlighted through your life story.

What's the transformation you've gone through?

Some ways I help clients with this are with my unique genius framework and Human Design.

2. Connect to your sexual energy.

Does what you're communicating make you feel juiced up?

Does it feel polarizing?

Good others will feel that too.

Too many people try to be neutral in their message because they think it'll make them likeable.

But neutral isn't hot. Neutral feels like fear and isn't attractive.

3. Connect with play.

What makes you feel expanded, excited, curious, more free, like you're frolicking through your favorite place?

Infuse that energy in your messaging and the topics you talk about.

When you share your enthusiasm you draw people that want something similar.

4. Understand yourself and your person

Who energizes you?

What helps them feel seen? What helps them feel understood?

What are their fears, desires, aspirations, frustrations?

They probably are going through similar things you have.

Share the the parts of you you feel shame about.

Show them you understand and have a unique solution to offer them.

Make your solution something they want.

Hint: they prob want the same thing you want.

5. Own your gifts

Don't overlook what feels easy to you.

Don't overlook all the time, money, and effort you've invested into your knowledge.

Communicate your expertise without downplaying it.

Highlight the wisdom in your transformations.

Your slice of God is a big fucking deal.

Act like it.

That's all for today mi amigo.

If you want my guidance to help you own more of who you are and elevate your messaging so it attracts your people, let me know.

Reply with the word "messaging" or tell me more about what you have in mind.

Lots of love,


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