This is fucking important...

Today we're talking about helping creation feel good, which is a life-changing big deal.

Let's start with some questions.

I invite you to let yourself pause and be present with the questions.

Why do you create things?

Why do you sing, dance, draw, launch a course, share your wisdom online, build a community?

Do you do it because you need a specific outcome to happen?

Do you do it to feel loved?

Do you do it to express love?

Do you do it because it feels good?

Are you doing it because it feels like a part of your purpose or core to who you are as a person?

What I've noticed for myself and others is that multiple answers can feel true...

But some answers feel better than others.

When I'm creating with a fixation on a specific outcome...

In other words "trying to manipulate the universe"

I often notice this is in reaction to a past wound.

The need for my creation to save me...

To make me feel loved, seen, accepted, safe in ways that I haven't felt in the past.

Of course, the needs listed above are helpful when offered in relationships.

But, as adults, it's important to also give ourselves what we need.

If we depend on external outcomes/creations to save us, it takes our power away and often leads to disappointment.

And if those needs weren't met in the past by a caregiver...

often, you will project onto the future that your needs won't be met again.

And this creates a contradicting circumstance where you:

  1. Desire a specific outcome
  2. Don't believe the outcome can happen for you

This contrast in desire and belief leads to:

  1. The need to control things to feel okay
  2. Freaking out when things don't go as planned
  3. Procrastination, sabotage, giving up

Essentially, you're trying to create from a survival state: fight, flight, freeze, fawn.

And not only does this not feel great...

It often means your nervous system will stop you from creating because it's overwhelmed.

But as you create more safety in your body...

Accept, soften, and love the parts of you looking to be saved, there's a shift that happens.

You transition from "life is happening TO ME"—a victim

to life is happening FOR ME, which is a more co-creative process with the universe.

And this can be a great stage.

This is where you might be thinking a lot about manifestation and noticing your creative powers.

But this stage also has limits...

There's often still a need for a specific outcome so that you can feel "worthy, enough, safe, powerful, etc."

And this can create resistance when the outcomes don't come exactly how you expect them to.

In other words, the external outcomes are on a pedestal above yourself.

And here's the real kicker...

When you DO get the outcome, it still doesn't make you feel any better. 😢

Such a sick joke...

And then there's another stage, when you realize life is happening AS YOU.

You are the flow.

There's nothing to resist because then you're just resisting yourself.

And creation can shift from needing a specific outcome for you to "be valuable"

To the act of creation BEING the most profound and magical thing.

You create because it is you.

You create to allow spirit to flow through you.

And instead of focusing on outcomes, you surrender to how you're being called to serve.

And creation becomes a devotional act.

You don't create to be enough...

you create because you are enough and anything less would be blocking your life.

Because ultimately you didn't come here just to make money, or just to build a business, or just to get a lot of followers.

You came here to be your fullest self and everything else is a byproduct of that.

Prosperity then becomes your natural state.

The path to this is moving through, accepting, and loving the parts of you that are feeling stuck by past conditioning...

the parts of you that are still looking for someone else to save them.

This is how you take your power back.

This is a lot of what we covered in the free Masterclass "Clear Your Money Blocks & Attract More Wealth"

If this is speaking to you, and you haven't watched it, click the link above.

And if you want help to embody more of your fullness, so you create the life and business you want, I'd love to support you.

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With so much love,


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