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Turn Triggers Into Wisdom and Expansion

Published 5 months ago • 3 min read

This blew my mind…

You ever have a time where you were freaking out about something and then you calmed down and the next step became clear?

It fascinates me how a change in perspective and emotion can impact how we see a situation.

So I want to share some things that can help you approach situations in ways that are productive to your life, business and the impact you want to make.

What would happen if you rewired your mind to see problems as opportunities?

What would happen if your body felt safe with uncertainty and love?

I imagine that’d be super helpful for you. I know for me it’s been one of the biggest game changers in my life.

Our mind constructs reality in a way where 2 people can look at the same exact situation and see 2 different things.

Many people’s history makes them feel when things are going well that something bad is around the corner.

And when things don’t go according to plan it, they spiral, feel a ton of shame and beat themselves up.

So really there’s no way to “win”

I’ve been there, and it’s not fun because you basically create your own suffering and stop good things from happening to you.

It’s like there’s a constant subtle anxiety even when you’re chilling and your fight, flight, and freeze responses are often turning solvable things into end of world scenarios.

From my own experience and from working with clients this is often because there’s a part of you that doesn’t believe you’re worthy and doesn’t trust that things can work out for you.

So you create what you believe.

And to be clear, there’s no reason for shame here.

For many of us this was a necessary pattern we adopted to survive an unhealthy environment when we were younger.

But you’re ready to change that pattern.

If you’re here you’re probably already doing work on this or have the awareness that you want to live in a way that gives you more peace, energy, creativity, joy and prosperity.

So I want to give you 1 practical tool and I also want to offer you a gift that can help.

The practical tool are these steps below, which can basically be summarized as understand that you are the awareness and know that you have the power to place your awareness on things that help you, instead of unproductive stories that hinder your life and your dreams.

So here are the steps and then I shared the gift after:

  1. Validate your experience because there’s no reason to fight against yourself
  2. Understand that you are awareness, not the stories or sensations
  3. Feel the sensations in your body and notice that if you only focus on the physical sensation you likely don’t have a story in your mind at the same time. (the story isn’t real, it’s your mind trying protect you and make sense of the pain you feel)
  4. Understand that the trigger you’re experiencing likely has nothing to do with your current situation. It’s your body showing you where you have wounding and it’s being activated in the moment because it wants your attention. Your body wants to heal.
    1. Let yourself feel. Most times when you’re spiraling the best thing you can do is just let yourself release the energy through the body’s intelligence instead of trying to use the mind to make sense of it. Trying to make sense of it will often just keep you stuck in a loop. (So cry, journal, dance, scream, bang, exercise, make art, etc)
    2. The feeling wants to give you a message. It holds wisdom. But you have to let it in and through.
  5. And a big one. Question your thoughts.
    1. What meaning are you giving to this situation?
    2. What are you making it mean about you?
    3. Is the story you’re telling yourself 100% true?
    4. Can you find a few pieces of evidence that oppose the story you’re telling yourself (without disregarding these things)
    5. Is this even your voice telling you these things? (Most of the time it’s not)

So those are a few things that can help.

And the gift I want to offer, I just put together a few trainings for my clients that I’m happy to share with you if they resonate.

  1. A 5 minute self-hypnosis training to transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones
  2. A practice to help you respond to triggers in a way that helps you upgrade the stories you’re telling yourself and identify your core needs, so you can meet them
  3. A practice to help you create new positive associations to old triggers

If you want me to share these with you, respond to this email with the word “freedom” and I’ll share them.

If you want deeper guidance to help you affirm your gifts and create the internal freedom to take powerful actions that help you and your business grow, respond letting me know you want to chat about deeper guidance.

And lastly I want to share that while transformation is possible it takes work. And you’re worthy of that work.

I love you.

May we have the courage to live in a way that honors our freedom, love, and dreams.


Hi, I’m a creator

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